Funny and Unusual Addresses of the STARS

What's In a Name?

Funny and Unusual Addresses of the Stars

Written By: Ed Lewis

Author of the Celebrity Almanac

In researching and collecting information from celebrities for our book the Celebrity Almanac we have discovered some funny and interesting addresses of stars in relationship to their names or something they have done that has made them famous. To protect each celebrity's privacy only the street, road or city has been revealed. So sit back and enjoy.

Did you know that former presidential candidate Gary Hart, who had to quit the race because of the "Monkey Business" scandal with Donna Rice actually lived on Troublesome Gulch Road. Maybe that should have been his first clue? How about this one. Actor George C. Scott who played the hard driving Gen. George S. Patton lives on Retreat Court. Now thatís hard to believe, but itís true. Former basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who towers at 7 feet 3 inches lives on Summitridge Drive. Seems appropriate to us. The Late actor Lloyd Bridges who starred in the television series "Sea Hunt" didnít move far from the set of the show, he lived on Pacific Coast Highway. His actor son Jeff Bridges must have a great reputation in the bedroom because he lives on Hot Springs Road. Know what I mean? Hereís an oxymoron. United States Senator Dale Bumpers lives on Honesty Way. Ya, right, but tis true, tis true. Another famous politician, Ted Kennedy actually has a residence in Virginia located on, are you ready for this one-Chain Bridge Road. No guilty conscience here. Michael Jordan, point guard of the World Champion Bulls, conveniently lives on Point Lane. Like in point guard, like in drive the lane-get the idea? Barry Manilow known for being a great composer and pianist lives on where else, Beethoven Street. Makes sense to us but Pamela Anderson also lives on the same street. Go figure. Tennis star Tracy Austin who has been at the top of her game as the number one seed, lives coincidentally on Pinnacle Drive. Pretty clever. Another tennis great Andre Agassi lives on his namesake Andre Drive. We wonder if he will soon be adding Brooke Court to complete the perfect address? Go for it Andre! Indy 500 multiple winner Mario Andretti lives appropriately on Victory Lane. Now thatís a real winner! Hereís an interesting phenomenon, singer/actor Frankie Avalon famous for summer beach movies has gone and done the opposite. He lives on Spring Forest Lane. However, his beautiful co-star Annette Funicello at least tried, she lives on Sandy Lane. Alec Baldwin must have a big reputation to live up to with his wife Kim Basinger, unfortunately for him they live on Don Juan Place. Talk about hot fun in the summertime. On a similar note, actress Valerie Bertinelli has had her hands full with hubby rocker Eddie Van Halen and his wandering eye. Perhaps Valerie should consider moving away from Broad Beach Road where they live? Just trying to be helpful. Actress Gale Storm of "My Little Margie" fame keeps our streak alive. She lives on Seacliff Drive. We love ya for that Gale. Hereís three interesting ones: Johnny Rivers, Carrie Fisher and Charlton Heston all live on Coldwater Canyon Road. Rivers, Fisher and parting the Red Sea-are you on board with this one yet? Actors Timothy Bottoms and Joyce Bulifant have something in common. Tim lives on Hot Springs Road and Joyce lives on Red Tail Court-OUCH? The latest Batman heart-throb, George Clooney doesnít live on bat cave drive but he does live on Lookout Mountain Road. Probably helps him see big bucks coming his way. Here are a few more stars who donít seem to live where they should. Former Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon doesnít live on Meadowlark Lane but country songstress Lacy J. Dalton does. Comedic legend Bob Hope doesnít live on Bob Hope Drive but funny guy Will Smith of "Fresh Prince" fame does. So does best-selling author Danielle Steel. Baseball star Pete Rose doesnít live on Rose Avenue but actor Peter Coyote does. Comedian Chevy Chase doesnít live on Chevy Chase Drive but comedian Jack Carter and actor John Schneider do. Jackie Cooper doesnít live on Cooper Street but television actor Chris Burke, Corky of "Life Goes On" does. And finally, Fats Domino who found his thrill on "Blueberry Hill" doesnít live on Hilltop Road but Chubby Checker another rock and roll idol does. Now thatís a real twist! Even though we donít consider Amy Fisher (the Long Island Lolita) a star, we had to point out the irony in her address for you. Sheís doing serious time at a facility located on State School Road. Wonder if sheís learned her lesson? Actor Marlon Brando should consider changing homes with Elizabeth Taylor-he lives on Weddington Street. Well, Liz has had a ton-a-weddings. We thought Sylvester Stallone was the Italian Stallion but NFL studly quarterback Dan Marino lays claim to that, because he really lives on Stallion Lane. No horsing around here. We wonder if actor Don Johnson is trying to forget about former wife Melanie Griffith? He lives on Heather Road. Maybe his neighbor actor James Spader can set him up with Heather Locklear? Hereís another good one. Millionaire jokester and presidential candidate Ross Perot lives on Lakeside Square. No kidding! Golfer Fred Couples lives on Greensboro Drive. Getting the swing of this? Speaking of great golfers, Tiger Woods should check out actor Tony Franciosaís place because Tony lives on Tigertail Road. However, Tiger did pretty good, he lives on Teakwood Street. Close enough for a gimme here! Peanuts cartoon creator Charles Schultz lives a dogs life on 1 Snoopy Place. The late Col. Tom Parker, Elvisí manager didnít have far to go to get into heaven. He lived at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas which is conveniently located on Paradise Road. Speaking of heavenly bodies, Burt Reynolds who has been acting like heís on another planet after his breakup with Lonie Anderson lives curiously on Jupiter Farms Road. Far out. And speaking of planets, astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, lives on Columbus Ave. A street named after another guy who laid claim to doing something first. Finally, after all our research we were disappointed that not one actor who has ever played Tarzan actually lived in Tarzana, California.



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